Modern Art Collection

Building your own Modern Art Collection

Silver prints should meet the fine art photography standards, among others min. 100 years durability. The fibre-based paper I use to make my prints meets all of Modern Art Collection criteria. In addition, every photograph is issued with a Certificate of Authenticity. Fine Art Photographs must comply with relevant formal requirements:

  • high artistic value
  • properly signed (signature on the back of the photo, made with graphite pencil)
  • prints made in a limited series. The description of the photo can also define its run, e.g. 1/20 (first photography of twenty existing)
  • date of creation

You can also purchase the audiovisual projects presented in the portfolio section as limited edition collectible DVDs, signed by the author. Furthermore, each unique artwork (drawing, painting, etc.) will also be issued with a Certificate of Authenticity. Start building your own Art Collection now!


Small Paintings / Part 2

Small Paintings / Part 1

cichowski vibrating silence photography

Vibrating Silence

Work on paper Tomasz Cichowski

Drawings & Works on paper

still life photography tomasz cichowski

Still Life Photography Project

tomasz cichowski drawings

Drawings 2012-2015

abstract painting by Tomasz Cichowski

Paintings 2013-2015 / Part 1

tomasz cichowski abstract paintings

Paintings 2013-2015 / Part 2

contemporary photography by Tomasz Cichowski


contemporary abstract drawings by Tomasz Cichowski

Chaos Controlled Drawings

tomasz cichowski industrial photography

New Industrial Photography

Industrial photography

Theme Photography