Pinhole Photography

  • This pinhole photography Meets the Fine Art Photography criteria
  • Gelatin silver prints on handmade paper, signed on the reverse
  • Unique prints
  • Provided with certificate of authenticity

Title: home altars
Size: 22 x 32 cm
Technique: pinhole photography, prints: hand-applied Photographic (light-sensitive) emulsion on handmade paper
Edition: 1 (Unique Print)
No. of works: 10
Year: 2004

pinhole photography | home altars

Home fires, places of worship, mini statues, homemade “permanent exhibitions” …
Television with a napkin and creamers, a favorite corner with armchair and lamp, a table covered with a cloth on it and a vase of dried flowers, the glass-case from which we only wipe the dust … There are lots of such a places. These places are in every home.

Useless memories and cultural items, they often occupy a central and honorable place of our home quiet. They show what is important to us. Reveal us. We are associated with them. They show those who are close to us.

Accustomed to their continued existence, after some time, we become indifferent to them. We become indifferent to our personal, created by us, special places. We become indifferent to ourselves …

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