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Curated Swatches is a series of seven works on canvas, inspired by and created from a wall paint swatch book from the 1960s. It is the result of my search and interest in the area of transformation of images, as well as the idea of reverse and negative in contemporary visual arts.

The swatch book belonged to my family; I can vaguely remember seeing it in the attic of my childhood home. It later found its way into my studio and spent many years inconspicuously laying on a shelf. That is until I found a use for it. For the purpose of this project, the small, three-dimensional object was transposed to two dimensions: the book was disassembled, and all 120 of the swatches, including the manual and producer’s information, as well as the covers, were separated and attached to painting canvases. This arrangement allows for a new perception of the colorful pieces, while at the same time – via the act of gluing one side of the swatch to the canvas – irretrievably losing half of the previously existing visual information.

4 works:
50 × 40 × 2,5 cm | 19,7 × 15,7 × 1 inCollage on canvas

3 works:
35 × 30 × 2,5 cm | 13,8 × 11,8 × 1 in
Collage on canvas

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